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The Bellobox Edit

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The brand-new limited edition of bellobox has landed.

Ladies and gents may we present to you… The bellobox Edit.

Our carefully curated box is valued at $125, and features some of our favourite grooming goods from Trippy Skin Co., AMERICAN CREW POMADE, BARBER PRO and more!

Look your best rain or shine, with treats that'll keep you groomed and dapper as you battle through the cooler months.

TRIPPY SKIN CO. Deep Exfoliation (Full size)

Trippy Skin Co.’s exfoliating mask is filled with Glycolic Acid and Niacinamide that will give your skin a dope complexion. We recommend using in conjunction with Dope Hydration for a complete face mask routine.

TRIPPY SKIN CO. Dope Hydration (Full size)

This Australian-made face sheet mask features amazing ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Leaf Extract, and Chamomile Flower Extract for an awesome hydrating and calming experience.


Keep your locks maintained with American Crew’s range of hair products, suited to all hair types. Each pomade is moisture-rich and offers a smooth shine and finish. The Cream Pomade delivers a light to medium hold and a natural finish, while the water-based Heavy Hold provides a sleek style great for sculpting hair. The Classic Pomade’s medium hold gives low shine and adds texture and definition.

You will receive ONE of the following: Cream Pomade, Heavy Hold Pomade, Classic Pomade.

BARBER PRO Super Eye Mask (Full size)

The BARBER PRO Super Eye Mask is your 20-minute fix for puffy or tired-looking eyes. This highly rejuvenating mask will hydrate and soothe the area, leaving your skin feeling deeply cooled and revitalised. The Super Eye Mask covers just the eye area - perfect for tired-looking eyes and those with facial hair.

BARBER PRO Foot Peel (Full size)

The BARBER PRO Foot Peel removes calluses and rough skin leaving your feet feeling softer, supple and rehydrated. The ready to use treatment couldn’t be easier - simply slip on the Foot Peel booties and relax. Then after a few days, the hard skin will peel away leaving you with revitalized feet that feel softer!


Give your skin a deep clean with this scrub and leave it feeling soft and fresh. With Black rice and Glycolic Acid being the main properties in this product, this face scrub intensely nourishes your skin, protecting it from free radicals and minimizes the appearance of spots and blemishes. Perfect functional scrub to add to your skincare routine.

HOUSE 99 by David Beckham Beard Oil (sample size: 7ml)

Inspired by barbers’ traditional techniques, this oil will deeply nourish and tame your beard when you’re tight on time, leaving skin moisturised and your beard soft minus the greasy residue.

SCHICK HYDRO 5 SENSE HYDRATE KIT (full size: includes 1 handle and 1 cartridge)

The Schick Hydro 5 Sense Hydrate with Shock Absorb™ technology auto adjusts based on how you shave, backing off if you apply too much pressure or adds it back when you need it. It’s equipped with 5 Ultra Glide® blades and 7 hydrating gel pools that hydrate through each shave and prevent skin irritation.


Using nano-porous material that traps odour molecules, OdourGone discreet patches are a protective mask for bad odours in your shoes or gloves. The peel-and-stick inserts absorb odour, neutralises and destroys the smells that infest your shoes and gloves for up to 3 months. Suitable for those with sensitive skin.